Frequently asked questions
Do you have any relevant qualifications?

Yes we do! Fionuala has IMDT Level 3 Professional Day Care and Boarding. She also has Pet First Aid and, of course, 12 years experience of looking after dogs in a professional capacity.

Chloe has completed BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Animal Management and Kayleigh is on her final year working towards achieving a BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Animal Management.

How many staff will there be per dog?

Licensing requires us to have 1 member of staff per 10 dogs but our aim is 1 member of staff per maximum of 8 dogs but on most occasions less than 8.

How secure will your facility be?

Extremely! We have super secure fencing surrounding our area. Together with a double airlock system at the entrance/exit so there is no chance that a dog could sneak through when someone is coming or going.

Will you be taking all dogs?

All dogs but pass a very strict entrance test. They must be super friendly with all other dogs. Any sign of aggression will not be tolerated.

Will you be taking puppies?

We are currently only taking dogs that have been neutered so older, neutered puppies only. We hope to take younger dogs in the future when we have a separate area for them.

Will my dog have lots of space to run around?

We have 2/3rds of an acre so lots of space for the dogs to run, play and chase balls.

Will there be space for dogs to rest?

We have an indoor log cabin with sofas, beds and blankets as well as outdoor rest areas to chill with shade for when it is sunny.

Will you provide toys and balls?

We have plenty of toys and balls to go around all the dogs in our care with lots of variety and sizes. We also have a ball pool, sand pit and paddling pool(s) as well as outdoor items such as agility equipment.

Will you play with the dogs?

Absolutely! We have lots of fun and games with the dogs and have loads of ideas for different enrichment activities. We believe that mental stimulation is just as important as physical.

My dog loves snuggles, will these be included?
You bet they will!
Will you provide a pick up and drop off service?
This may be provided to a few dogs but space will be limited, they must live within a mile of the riding club and there will be an extra charge.